Chiropractic for the whole family

What techniques do you use?

· Gonstead

· Diversified

· Thompson – drops

· Activator

· Applied Kinesology - muscle testing

· Mechanical Traction - Titron DTS

· Soft tissue techniques

Gonstead and Diversified?

Both of these techniques are “Hands-on”. Where the doctor finds a misalignment and uses her hands to correct them.

Thompson technique?

Thompson is another “Hands-on” technique, except the doctor uses “Drops” that are built into the adjusting table. The drops allow the doctor to use less force, but also still get the benefit of “Hands-on” adjusting.

Low Force “Activator” Technique

Activator is an instrument technique. The Activator is a low force, high Velocity way of adjusting. It allows the doctor to adjust areas that are very sensitive or adjust patients that a hands-on thrust can’t be preformed. Doctors of Chiropractic receive extensive training in the Activator Technique. This method is also one of the most scientifically researched techniques in chiropractic. Patients all over the world are benefiting from the ease and precision of this unique method of chiropractic care. Discover how the Activator Technique can work for you!

Mechanical Traction with Titron DTS

Prenatal and Postnatal

When you are pregnant your body is ever changing and the physical and mental and emotional stress affects your body we will use gental adjustments to keep your body aligned and after the baby is born we can help you body return to it's pre-pregnancy state.

The doctor many use one or several of the adjusting techniques during the course of a patient’s treatment.